There is current research that shows that eating breakfast could actually hinder your diet for the remainder of the day. A study was conducted where a test group of patients were eating a high carbohydrate breakfast vs a group who were eating no breakfast. The results showed that when you eat high carbohydrate breakfasts (cereal, toast, muffins, bagels, and oatmeal) your insulin remains higher throughout the whole day. When your insulin remains higher, that means you are more likely to store energy as fat because insulin is the hormone that makes that happen.

When you eat no breakfast your insulin stays low in the fasting state and only rises when you have your next meal. Now would those results be the same if the breakfast consisted of a high fat and protein breakfast? Probably not because fat and protein do not create the same response from insulin but the research isn’t there as of yet.

One of the first things you should do when looking into research on a certain topic is to see who paid for the studies to be conducted. Unfortunately, there are people conducting research who are not honest and do not produce reliable results because they are basically being paid to show certain results. I know this first hand as I have worked in the research world and have heard the stories. But if you look at who paid for all of the “EAT BREAKFAST” research…it’s the cereal and breakfast food companies! Of course they want you to NEED breakfast!

If you are ever not sure, just use your logic. Is there ever an ideal time to eat a sugary cereal? Probably not.

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