When I have the perfect body, I will:

– be happy
– start to go out more
– buy new clothes that are more trendy
– feel comfortable going to the gym
– play with my kids more
– go on a hot vacation…

… and the list goes on. Most people have an ongoing list in their heads of how their lives will change when they lose weight.

Have you ever considered – not to be all crazy here – to just to those things now? Why can’t you play with your kids more, now? Whey can’t you go after your dream career, go on that vacation, call that friend up to go to supper?

Ever heard the saying, “You can’t buy happiness”? If you aren’t happy before you have lots of money, you probably won’t be happy with it. If you’re not happy with your life now, having the perfect body probably won’t change that either.

Change it now! Buy some new clothes, take the kids on a hike. At the very least, you won’t spend your life miserable. At the most, you’ll be living your dream life while working towards a better body.

Write out your list. Besides buying/wearing smaller clothes, what can you start doing right now to be the happiest you can be? Don’t wait.

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