You decide to restrict your diet > You crave the restricted foods > You binge on those restricted foods > You feel awful about yourself > You restrict foods all over again >>>

This cycle is not necessarily something that you would pick up on until you see this. It’s hard to pick up on your own habits sometimes. Have you ever noticed that it RARELY if ever works? It might work for awhile…like most diets, but it is not sustainable. The key is to change your mindset around food. Remember that food is not good or bad. Food is not moral. We, as people, are moral but our food is not. We have this mindset that eating unhealthy food makes us bad, whereas when we eat healthy food, we are good. What we eat has nothing to do with how good/bad of a person we are.

This is just one of many toxic thoughts and beliefs that enter your mind everyday. It’s time to look at food as the solution to our problems rather than the problem. We use food to deal with life and the stress that comes with it. We either need to figure out what else we can do to deal with our lives or we need to deal with the problem that is causing these food-based “tantrums”.

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