The psychology of eating is basically the non-food related ways you can change your food plan. In other words, you can change how fast you eat, the time of day you eat, the way you sit and enjoy your meal. It’s about becoming aware of what you’re eating, no matter what it is, to gain the most benefits from that food.

It is about changing your mindset to stop assigning morality to food. Just because you eat ice cream and you assume it is bad for you, you automatically feel that when you are eating it that you are a bad person. When you eat a healthy salad that is good for you, you are a good person. Food is not moral. Food is food. We, as people, are moral. Eating a certain kind of food doesn’t change that.

Sometimes we need to go far back into our past to learn where some of our false beliefs about food come from and then work our way forward to undo any wrong thoughts or assumptions to gain a new perspective.

It can be hard to pinpoint our beliefs about food until someone points them out to you. That’s why I’m here!

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