During this time of isolation and stressful living, you may find yourself eating more, or less or just overall differently. Eating is one of the things we can control in our lives in times like these and we tend to use it to cope. Right now, coping with life is our number one priority. This is not the time to get down on ourselves for our eating patterns. It may be a great time, however, to explore new ways to deal with stress. What do you find really takes the edge off? What about a hard run outside? Or a relaxing walk. Listening to an entertaining podcast, or learning how to meditate. Take a bath, lose yourself in a good book, make a list of small accomplishments you could do to help you feel productive. Maybe clean out a messy drawer or go through all of your clothes to give some away. Whatever you find yourself needing to do, I want to you take the time to focus your mind. As you think, you will become. Only you can control where your mind goes. Focus on things that are lovely, noble, and pure. Look for the good and feel your heart lift.

Take care of the ones you love…including yourself.


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