Exercise is good for so many reasons. In these crazy times we live in right now however, we need it for stress busting more than ever. I’m going to keep this short and simple… so you can stop stressing and start exercising.

Stress can affect us both mentally and physically. Getting your heart pumping with some hard cardio, or a set of intervals that alternates weight lifting and cardio will keep your heart rate up higher. That will help you physically burn off your stress. This means that your food will digest easier leaving you with less unpleasant symptoms. It means you will have greater concentration and less brain fog. It will also help put you in a more positive mindset.

When it comes to learning how to deal with mental stress, it can be very useful to do a slower exercise where you are forced to focus on your breath. It can take you out of the stressful future and help you focus on the present. When you breathe deeply and get right to the bottom of your lungs, it can be very refreshing and invigorating. Yoga and pilates are great for this.

The main thing is to find exercise that you like. If you feel like you’re trying to punish your body into submission, it won’t have the same positive effects. Mindset is everything! If your cardio is dancing around with your kids? Then do it with all your heart! Or get off the bus a little earlier and speed walk home while focusing on your breathing. No matter what you’re doing, leave the phone alone. The texts and emails will be there later. Screens = Stress so lose it for a bit and focus on what your body truly needs… to move and to breathe!

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