Did you know that pleasure is built right into our DNA? It’s true! We were created to love pleasure and reject pain. This should come as no surprise but some of us have come to reject pleasure, especially when it comes to food. We think the greener it is, the healthier it will be. We think that if we suffer through one more kale salad, we will be in optimal health. We have learned to reject food that brings us comfort and joy…like bread or dessert. Now I’m not saying those foods are good or bad for you but what I do know is that the more you enjoy what you are eating, the more nutrients your body will pull from it. The same is true for exercise. If your workout is more of a punishment than an achievement, your body will take that time of stress as a negative thing, rather than a positive thing. When your mindset is in the wrong place, you will not gain the same kind of benefits from it than if you view it as a positive thing.

This is the moral of the story. If you want to eat healthy, then do so with a smile on your face. Change that green smoothie into a somewhat red smoothie and add some berries to it. Berries are just as healthy as greens and it adds some excellent natural sweetness too! And your workouts? Find something you love to do! If you hate running, do aerobics or kickboxing. If you love what you’re doing and it makes you feel strong than it will have a more positive effect on your body.

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