Quality is something that is both tangible and intangible. When we speak about quality of life, we are talking about how much we enjoy our life. It may be different from someone’s standard which is why it is a subjective topic. It goes based on feeling. It is intangible.

When we speak about quality of food, this is very different. It is something that can be measured. Unfortunately, our quality of food can also be determined by how much money we are able to spend on it. Less expensive food tends to be on the lower quality scale. More expensive food is usually of a higher quality. Some low quality, low-cost foods are junk food like chips, pop, chocolate bars etc. Some higher quality but less expensive foods could be something like bananas, canned meats, or frozen vegetables. And then we have our high quality, high-cost foods like fresh meat/poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh bakery bread.

The catch is that the higher quality food you eat, the higher chance of having good health…which leads to a higher quality of life. What you need to decide based on your current lifestyle/financial situation, is what level of quality can you afford? The best advice I can give you is that you need to spend within your means while buying the best quality foods you can afford.

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