Kristy has her Bachelor’s Degree in Science majoring in Human Nutritional Science from the University of Manitoba. Since having that strong background in science and nutrition schooling and research, she has been able to expand her learning into the area of eating psychology and intermittent fasting.

These two areas of “off centre” nutrition counseling are what really set her apart. We can be so focused on guidelines and rules that we forget we are all individuals who need a different approach than the next person. Working with the mind-body nutrition really helps us find out the cause of our food symptoms. We also tend to focus on the latest trends that we forget what has worked for centuries. Intermittent fasting is something that people consider a trend and may even think there is not enough evidence to support it’s claims, but people have been fasting since the world began. Every major religion has it as a part of their traditions and even the infamous Hippocrates states that “instead of using medicine, fast for a day”.​

What is truly important is that we find what works for YOU…whether it be new or old or a combination of it all. We make our own guidelines. Kristy is truly passionate about what she does (just ask her friends and family) and finds great joy and satisfaction in serving others in this way.

In her own time she enjoys reading, baking and teaching fitness classes, all while trying to keep up with her two young children and husband.

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