Nutrition Consultation
Go over current meal plan, assess, and come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle and aligns with your goals. Delving into how your emotions and thoughts affect your nutritional status. Conducted in person or via video chat (Apple, WhatsApp, Skype).
1hr Session – $100

Program Development
Have a multi-week program manual created and catered to your specific clients or employee’s needs.
For example; 6 Weeks on ‘Why, How and When You Should Eat’, 16 Weeks on ‘Seniors Health and Wellness’, 3 weeks on ‘Raising Healthy Kids’
Price varies based on your needs so please email and we can discuss what’s right for you!

Large Format Presentations
Present current topics of interest to your employees or clients, to increase their health and wellness knowledge.

Topics include:
– 11 Brain-Body Dimensions of Nutrition
– Stress: How it Affects Weight Loss and Health
– Intermittent Fasting: Everything You Need to Know
– Cycling Your Diet for Weight Loss Success

Kristy has spoken at many small businesses, churches, conferences and private functions. She will always adapt to her audience on the fly, and loves answering questions.

Price varies based on your needs so please email to see what’s right for you!

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