If angels or demons cannot separate us from the love of God, neither can a donut.
The majority of long-lasting weight loss success is due to a change in mindset. Working through our struggle is imperative, but dwelling on it is not. God tells us over and over in the Bible to keep our minds on things above. Keep your thoughts pure and noble. Be thankful.
God cares about your health, but not as much as He cares about your heart.
This 40-Day devotional will redirect your focus from food onto God. It will help you meditate on the word of God, rather than the negative spiral of thoughts dieting can create.
Will it be easy? Nothing worth doing ever is, but gaining Christ is never a loss.

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If you aren’t able to make it to one of Kristy’s presentations, she has published some of them online for purchase as eBooks on Kindle and Kobo. Purchase on or

For most people, this is completely new and intriguing information that has helped them gain a better handle on what needs to change in their lifestyle to positively impact their bodies. Brain-Body Nutrition is the connection between mental and physical well-being. It is how our stress affects our weight gain. It is how your eating speed affects your digestive issues. It is how your thought processes affect how you body responds to the food you are eating. Kristy has found that is has been the missing link in her nutrition counseling.

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Most people have heard about intermittent fasting but they are not sure which way is best for them to try. Kristy has put together a very comprehensive review that will answer all the main questions you have about intermittent fasting, as well as all of the options for how to try and make it work for you.

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