Kristy’s presentation on the 11 Brain-Body Dimensions of Nutrition was very thought provoking. Instead of focusing on whether foods are “good” or “bad” for us, the presentation focused on other non-food related aspects of nutrition including stress, speed of eating, thoughts and beliefs around food, food quality, etc.

Kristy took the time to answer individual questions and did her best to ensure the presentation material could be applied to various situations and people. This presentation would be beneficial for anyone who would like to look at eating and nutrition in a new way.

Foster Care Licensing

Kristy has had me practicing intermittent fasting regularly since 2012.  The idea of allowing my body to digest and process all of my food before eating again was what really piqued my interest.  I found not eating for 24 hours a lot easier than I thought it would be, and it was not long until it became a habit.  After a day of fasting, I feel reset and hungry, but not to the point where I feel like I need to make up for what I missed.  I encourage people to give it a try!

Alyson W.

I attended her seminar and there were a lot of new concepts outlined that I hadn’t heard before on why we make the food choices that we do. It was very informative and interesting as I had never attributed some of my behaviours to influence my eating habits. I would recommend meeting with her to see how she can help you modify your behaviour and mindset so that you can achieve your weight loss or health goals.

Allison G.

After 25 plus years of weight-loss ups and downs and much confusion over the numerous studies released by the media, I had become very frustrated and was losing faith in my ability to control my weight.  

Kristy has helped me to see through the confusion and to learn what information is truly valid and worthy.  She is now teaching me a more practical and realistic approach to eating and is helping me to curb my bad habits and introduce good ones.

I am seeing a gradual decline in my weight and can again enjoy my food ‘without guilt’. My blood pressure has also gone down, and stayed down.  I really appreciate her guidance and expertise.

Julie M.

After having two kids, I was looking to find a way of working back towards my pre-baby weight. I was looking for a convenient and easy to manage weight loss strategy. Kristy had spoken before about the benefits of intermittent fasting and now seemed like a great time to try it.

Kristy was very knowledgeable and voiced many different ways to attempt an intermittent fasting routine. I really liked how it just fit into my schedule without added work or big changes. After a period of 2 months of doing a 15-16 hour fast 3-4 times a week, I lost my remaining 12 lbs of baby weight. I loved that it wasn’t about cutting out my favorite foods but more about when I was able to eat them.

 Kristy’s advice has been very valuable to me and has supported my goals entirely.

Heather E.

I attended Kristy’s presentation and found her to be articulate, knowledgeable, and motivational. She was responsive to questions from participants throughout her presentation, was encouraging, non-judgmental, and demonstrated a good sense of humor.  I would recommend her presentations without reservation.

Anne L.